Art for a Cause

The Cha Cha for Children fundraiser at Regional Physical Therapy was a huge success this past Saturday. I enjoy participating in this event each year, and loved that I was asked to donate this year.  The piece below, Overcoming Rage, is the piece I created for this event.

Overcoming Rage, by Brittany Raeann, 2011

It is a mixed media beeswax collage which is more detailed and has more layers than my earlier pieces. This piece started with an 11 x 14 canvas and a can of spray paint. I really enjoyed using the spray paint as the base, and plan to use this technique more often. It is just so easy to manipulate spray paint, and to thicken, or lighten, the amount of paint applied just by the distance the can is held. After that I added some various papers, some acrylic paint, and prisma colors. It was at this time that I decided to add the beeswax, more papers, and more color. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and was even more pleased with the reactions I received. It was very exciting seeing people so anxious to win it in the raffle.

Speaking of the raffle, my one lucky ticket won me a piece by Studio Pashnada which she donated to the Cha Cha for Children fundraiser! I am very excited to have another amazing encaustic piece by Sherry to add to my collection. Rhythm is a much different style than the other piece of hers I own, Lots Goin’ On .

Rhythm, by Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt, 2011

I love the smoothness of the wax and the undulating lines it creates, as well as the contrast in the light and darker colors. In the center there are circular burn indentions which are my favorite part of this piece. I love how they break up the color composition. The piece as a whole reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset with it vibrant colors, and the line of circles are like the horizon line. Rhythm was created on a piece of wood, so it is heavier than some other pieces I own. I love its different characteristics opposed to paper or canvas and how it gives the work different qualities. The wood makes the edges appear rustic and aged, which is a small difference I really adore.

Thank you again Sherry for donating this piece! The fundraiser raised over $4,000 for the Bethany Children’s Hospital’s physical therapy department! I’d say that’s a success!

Also, I finally posted about six pieces to my Etsy store, and would love for you all to check it out at Brittany Raeann Art! There is one very similar to Overcoming Rage that I created at the same time, called One in Many. I hope you all enjoy! Please email me at if you have any questions or commissions!


2 Comments to “Art for a Cause”

  1. I’m so glad you got the piece Brittany
    you’ve got quite an art collection growing – I’d love to see it in a few years all together

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